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Our health and well-being - being at peace with our body, our mind and our soul - are our greatest wealth.


In the course of our lives, however, we are repeatedly confronted with challenges that can upset our inner balance.


But no matter what difficult phase of life you are going through, my sensitive heart and my understanding door are open to you.


My work as a soul companion & healer is not a job, it is my calling, which I pursue with full passion and dedication.

I can support you in a variety of ways to activate your inner self-healing powers and help you to take responsibility for your own life.


Due to my pronounced ability of clairvoyance, I can feel and experience, right from our first contact, where we can start. Thanks to my psychic ability, I do not need any information about possible illnesses, living conditions, etc. from you.


An application in combination with my individually created light and anointing oils LIGHT OF BLESSINGS® achieves a supporting effect.


You can find out more about me and my spiritual work on the following pages.


If you like, give yourself a present in which I can accompany you.

Experience what I see and feel

so that your body, mind and soul can/may remember the vibration of well-being, health, peace and love.


I look forward with all my heart to advising and supporting you on your further path and in your processes.


Light & Blessings to you!


Symbol Light & Blessings

This wonderful symbol of universal all-love

combined with the "Light & Blessing Greeting" is for you!


Use it intuitively in your everyday life.

It can give you inner strength, confidence, stability, balance and love.

It always connects you with ALL-LOVE.