I am Iris

Soul Feeler, Companion, Healer & Counselor

Founder and manufacturer of the Light and Anointing oils LIGHT OF BLESSINGS®

Seminar leader and organizer of spiritual journeys and

Die QUELLE - Therapist


My personal way of life


  • Born: 1977 on the edge of the Heuberg/South Germany
  • Interests since my youth: e.g. astrology, yoga, spiritual world, mental training, angels, natural and herbal medicine...
  • Family status: married & proud mother of two wonderful daughters

Working life:

  • Apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk, practiced this profession for over 22 years
  • Since 2018 self-employed healer/therapist
  • 2019 Founding of the Light and Anointing oils LIGHT OF BLESSINGS®
  • 2019 Co-founder of SOMA OAK & IVY BLUE® spiritual events GbR until 2022



I feel what you feel and so I see the solution for you.

I let myself completely into you. I feel, see, think like you. I can be your reflection. In addition, my clear connection to the spirit world helps by allowing me to be a bridge between humans and the spirit world, so that the universal divine power can work in this space. I go through many different and very challenging experiences in my life, more than other human souls. This is exactly another building block to be able to accompany you, if you allow it. This immersion in your energy is only for the period of our cooperation, after that I can go on my way and you can go yours!

My way back to me

In 2016 I entered my active spiritual path again after many different stations, people, ups and downs. Due to the events in my environment, I began to deal with complementary and alternative healing methods to conventional medicine (such as homeopathy, osteopathy, functional optometry, etc.) - initially even rather hesitantly with the spiritual world. But at that time I did not find all, often no answers to all my questions and continued to live my life as before.


But in the same year I took my chance and took a professional break - a conscious time for myself, my mind and my soul, my feelings, my fears and all my questions: Who am I? Why am I the way I am? What makes me this? Where was I before I was born and where will I go when I die? And if there is a God, why isn't that God the same for everyone? Then why is there injustice and disease in the world? In search of answers, I came across various training courses, workshops, etc. These encounters changed my life - positively. I immediately felt that I was accepted here and allowed to be who I am. I trusted my gut feeling and went deeper into the spirit world again. As a result, however, I also began to deal intensively with myself. This was the key and the beginning of my self-healing path towards clarity.


In 2017 I completed my training as a healer. My awareness of mindfulness and mental health has steadily expanded. For the first time in my life I felt free: "Yes, that's me, I'm right here and it feels so right." I've been combining the use of oils with my healing sessions since 2018.


The following year, on a Lourdes journey, I received my soul name Mariam-Martha with the accompanying blessing THE LIGHT OF BLESSINGS given by Mother Maria. Since then, an even more intense stream of light and blessing has flowed through me. I became aware that I carry light and blessings into the world through my BEING!


Since then, these blessed energies have flowed more and more through me into situations, objects, into my body, during conversations, as well as into the world of plants, animals and stones. My soul was made a little more complete by this gift of receiving my soul names. It was also the cornerstone for the development of my own essential sacred light & anointing oils under the brand name LIGHT OF BLESSINGS®.


Plants - a miracle of nature - whose origin lies far in the past. It is precisely this natural origin that I put into my oils, which are then enriched with energy, blessed by Mother Mary and expanded with a divine, individual blessing.


I experienced another highlight on my path of spiritual development in 2020 on my trip to southern France with Lars Muhl and Naleea Landmann. They put me on my way to the past. In the process, my soul opened up a little further: I suddenly found clear answers to the questions I still had about my being, my purpose in life on this earth: One of my tasks is to (re)give people their trust in the divine and to send them the healing powers of God through my work - supported by Mother Nature, my oils - on the path of their self-healing in order to achieve inner peace for their souls.



How it changed my life

My decision to give up my office job to live my extraordinary calling, to familiarize my family and friends with the spiritual world and to be able to say with confidence "I see and hear things that you may not see and hear" was a rocky road . Again and again I met people who said to me "That's crazy/nonsense" or "It didn't help me". So I went through more ups and downs. Thanks to my family and various soul mates, I navigated through some difficult situations. And always with the spiritual strength in my back and in my heart, my knowledge and trust in the power of Christ - in the divine, Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene - who strengthened me and never let me give up. After all these years and different experiences, I can now say with conviction, "I am what I am and that's how I'm good."

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