Legal Notices

Legal aspects of the services

*I point out that Spiritual Healing does not replace a doctor, a non-medical practitioner or the taking of medication. My activity is a supplement to conventional medicine and other therapies. I do not make any diagnoses. Every person seeking healing is always responsible for his or her own healing. Spiritual healing means healing with or through the power of the spirit. It is not something supernatural, but a completely natural thing that is inherent to us humans and has been practiced at all times in various cultures. Healing takes place in everyone himself. I activate, support and accompany these processes in my clients through my energetic work. My work does not replace therapy, but complements and promotes healing in a holistic sense. It is not in competition with conventional medicine or other forms of therapy.

Legal information about the products

I make no promises of prevention, treatment or cure, make no diagnoses and treat no diseases. My actions are based on self-awareness and self-knowledge. I am neither a doctor, nor a non-medical practitioner or aromatherapist. All ingredients/mixtures of the LIGHT OF BLESSINGS® oils are received by me medially and mixed by hand! All essences used are 100% pure essential oils. They are very potent plant extracts. Any application and use of essential oils is at your own risk, so in case of health questions or complaints should always consult a doctor:in or alternative practitioner:in.

General Legal Norice

The use, as well as the further use of the received messages, oils and symbols, which are received medially from me and passed on to you, are your own responsibility.


Each participant is responsible for himself and his actions and decides for himself which of the offered services he will engage in. Liability for damages to property and health will not be accepted.


My services, trips, courses, products and seminars do not replace a visit to the doctor.


Also note the terms and conditions and cancellation policy.