twice a month you can meet me "face-to-face"

in Bern/Switzerland.

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I know how you feel! Because this is my gift!


I feel and see you and your personal energies, as well as other energies from the spiritual world,

With your permission, I may fully "let myself fall into you". 

Guided by the spiritual world, through my personal experiences, trainings and my holistic feeling, I can accompany and advise you individually suitable for you.


Your task is...

Give yourself to the trust that what is important for you now will show itself.

So I can and may help you to the good.


Let me guide you intuitively through my achievements, follow your impulse:

What immediately "jumps" out at you (image, text, oil, etc.)?

Which description speaks to you from the soul?

Which word, product does not let you "go" anymore?


Are you ready to get involved in your path, about your insights to self-healing?

  Then feel free to contact me for an initial consultation. 


Whether it's an individual appointment, a seminar or a trip - I look forward to getting to know you and spending time with you.


 I conduct all appointments as desired personally in my rooms, at your place OR via Zoom.

By prior appointment.



Initial consultation 20 minutes

I will be happy to conduct an individual initial consultation with you - free of charge and without obligation. This is primarily about getting to know each other. I will give you a short feedback on your questions and topics. You get a feeling for how I work and talk. Together we will see what does you good and helps you. This way you can make a better decision about a deeper collaboration with me. 



Just pick a date in the following booking form "calendly".

Of course you can also reach me by mail or phone.

info@iriswaizenegger or +49 (0) 160 850 15 73



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spiritual counseling for death and mourning


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