Individual Appointments

Mediales Seelen Reading mit Iris

In the joint conversation I let myself be guided intuitively and feel completely into you.

It is the decision of the divine being, what is important and right for you in this moment, I limit myself to nothing.

I.e. everything that shows up on this day I speak out lovingly. It is possible that I change from laying on of hands into an ancestor healing, spinal alignment, into sounding, etc., everything can and may be. I may bring you the messages from the spiritual world and you can ask me questions at any time.


  • Consultation
  • Messages from the luminous spiritual world
  • Laying on of hands in spiritual healing
  • incl. oils from LIGHT OF BLESSINGS
  • also possible by ZOOM!


Duration approx. 90 minutes


complete price in Euro:


130,00 €

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Your Personal Soul Fragrance Oil & Medial Soul Reading

Gladly we open together your personal soul fragrance oil. Afterwards I may anoint you with YOUR oil and bring this by laying on of hands into your body, spirit, soul system.

If other helpers from the spiritual world come forward, I will also gladly pass on these messages to you.


  • 90 minutes reading
  • Laying on of hands in spiritual healing
  • Ready mixed soul fragrance oil from LIGHT OF BLESSINGS® in 20ml glass bottle
  • Personal message of your soul fragrance oil


Duration approx.  90 minutes


Complete price in Euro:


persönlicher Seelenduft

250,00 €

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Family Healing

You have recognized that in your family the same situations or diseases are "passed on" again and again over generations?

Here is a so-called red thread or karma behind it. You want to clarify this for yourself and your loved ones and solve the red thread?

Together in a "4-eyes" conversation we go through your stories and I may vicariously "fall" into the energies of your family members. Thereby I receive from the spiritual world the solution for your family healing. 


Duration approx.  2 hours

Complete price in Euro:


250,00 €

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personal soul fragrance oil for human & pet/animal

  • Conversation, approx. 30 minutes
  • Ready-mixed soul fragrance oil from LIGHT OF BLESSINGS® in 20ml glass bottle
  • Personal message of your soul fragrance oil in written form


After completion, I will send you your personal soul fragrance oil lovingly packaged, by mail.


Complete price in Euro:



persönlicher Seelenduft

150,00 €

  • 2 kg
  • verfügbar
  • 5 - 8 Tage1

Distance Healing in Spiritual Healing

Energy flows even WITHOUT physical contact. It is not possible for you to leave your home for whatever reason? Nevertheless, you want to receive the divine support in the sense of spiritual healing? 

I will connect with you and let the energy flow. It is important to me that you take about 30 minutes and if possible lie down undisturbed in your home. 

Remote healing can be done at any time of the day, so it is often used for example during: Hospitalization, support during chemotherapy, anxiety and panic attacks, acute indisposition, etc.

  • Before the start of each appointment I will contact you briefly by phone.
  • At the end of each remote healing you will receive a voice message from me with the messages, impressions, hints, etc. via WhatsApp or email.
  • You are welcome to ask me questions and share your experiences with me.


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