Travel with me...

Give yourself a time out from everyday life, become part of my spiritual journey groups.

Feel, experience and grow beyond YOU.


Planned energy and experience journeys via Nenzing/Austria to the Allgäu/Germany to the Odilienberg in Alsace/F.

or to

your personal soul place.


Feel the different energies of the places, experience with all your senses the forces which want to support and strengthen you.


We follow the path of Mary - the path of knowledge & consciousness.


For woman - 

You don't like to travel in groups and yet you feel that you are magically drawn to these places?

You are welcome to book the trips listed here as individual trips. 

Write me an email now and I will be happy to contact you.

Odilienberg / Alsace/France

Next date 2023:

Do. 18.05. bis So. 2.05.2023

Grünten / Allgäu

Nenzinger Heaven - Austria

Your Soul Place

Important note

As the organizer, I reserve the right to make changes to the program for factual reasons, weather-related reasons, etc. 


My trips are suitable for people with limited mobility only conditionally,

unless this is expressly stated in the respective tour description.

If you are interested, please contact me.


Each participant is responsible for himself and his actions and decides for himself which of the offered services he will engage in. Liability for damage to property and health will not be accepted.


The trips, courses and seminars do not replace a visit to the doctor.