LIGHT OF BLESSINGS® light and anointing oils

with a meaning.


The LIGHT OF BLESSINGS® online store offers you a unique product range of wonderful light and anointing oils. These consist of 100% natural essential oils of the highest quality from the fascinating plant nature of our earth.

In deep gratitude to our wonderful nature and its healing power, our treasures are created in harmony with the spiritual world. A high-quality, loving and mindful production is very close to our hearts.


The power of the oils:

I receive all individual oil formulas medially. After conception, these are mindfully mixed in high-quality, cold-pressed organic almond oil and enriched with energy. These magical oils combine the healing gifts of our Mother Nature with powerful, path-breaking light messages of the individual light beings.

In use, they support you in the self-healing process of body, mind and soul.


Usage & Application:
From a simple fragrance oil, skin care, to a treatment product (for example, in the form of a massage oil) - regardless of the body zone, the oils may be used for any use.


Which oil suits me?

My individual oils can find their way to you in different ways:

Your decision for an oil can be based on a scent that is beneficial to you or on a message of light that appeals to you. I am also happy to recommend an oil that the spiritual world has in mind for you.


The history of the creation of my oils:

In 2019 I was able to experience on my own body the healing power of the wonderfully effective oil-light beings. Convinced of the healing power of the plant beings, I went on a spiritual journey to Lourdes/France in the same year. There I received my personal soul name with the corresponding blessing THE LIGHT OF BLESSINGS® from Mother Mary. Only a few weeks later, during a meditation, I received the first recipe from the spiritual world for the first oil blend for people and their accompanying processes. This is how my own - now more than 40 - LIGHT OF BLESSINGS® light - & anointing oils, for humans & animals, were created, which I have been integrating into all my activities since then, paired with the light messages from the spiritual world.


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The dignified crown, set with golden diamonds, is dedicated to Mother Mary, the Queen of Angels. 


The word brand "LIGHT OF BLESSINGS®" stands both for the forward-looking message of the light & anointing oils, which I receive from the spiritual world, and for Mother Mary's blessing - both are given to us through the use of the products. 

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